Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly UI Mod Reviews

Just so you know, I'm going to start posting weekly UI Addon reviews for some popular or maybe unpopular mods out there. Requests will be accepted by emailing me at

Friday, February 8, 2008

29 Mage Twink Ownage

While running around in WSG today on my twink mage, I kept seeing premade running in a huge clump around their FC. Dont ask me why, I guess they were making it harder for us Alliance to target the FC? I dont know. But then, I realized, 'If they are going to run in a clump, why cant I run in the clump and AoE all of them?' I went straight to the mage trainer and respecced. With my twink gear I have just about 90 +arcane damage. I respecced for +6% crit chance on my arcane explosion and a few other arcane things. I went over to the battlemaster and queued up for Warsong again. After 3 seconds (what a fantastic wait time) I was into Warsong Gulch instance seven. But I was out of luck. This group wasn't a premade. So I finished that game and queued again. There was the premade!! They came in and grabbed the flag while I was hiding on our roof. I jumped in when they grabbed the flag and ran after them. Since I was too far behind them, i blinked forward and threw out a frost nova, locking them all in place for my arcane explosion barrage. This is where it gets ugly. My mage started Arcane Explosion spamming for 100 normal hits and 150 crits. With the help of a paladin who threw up a consecration, we killed all but their 2 twinks, a rogue and a hunter. One fireball was enough to take care of the hunter, but the rogue started sprinting away, still with the flag. Lucky for me, Arcane missiles doesn't stop casting when your target moves out of range. I started my channeling of Missiles, and got the rogue. He must've been at least halfway across the battleground, and I was still at the mouth of my tunnel. GG Blizz for making range bugs in channeled spells. Anyway, it was fun, and I plan on staying Arcane for the rest of my mage's carreer.

First Post

Well, this is it. The first post on the Online Endeavors blog. Online Endeavors is a blog about the warcraft experiences that me and my brother have. Anything on any topic of the game, just whatever we find interesting. Well, enjoy!